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Data Forensics

We can perform forensic investigations to gather digital evidence for you, your lawyer or your company. Businesses now more then ever use a range of electronic devices that carry security concerns for any company. These threats can come from both internal and external sources. Data Lab can help you identify these threats and prevent future incidents from happening.

We can extract digital evidence and perform forensic services on

  • Computers (Laptops, Desktops, Servers)
  • Cellular Devices
  • USB Sticks & External Drives
Data Forensics

Types of data we can collect


We can take a copy of any files present on the device in question. This includes if the device is encrypted, deleted or damaged. We can also collect files stored on the cloud

Websites Visited

We can view detailed browsing history even if the user deletes or uses private modes found on most browsers. Get a detailed report outlining who, when and where was viewing what websites.

Location Data

We can access the geo-location data available on smart-phones and computers to see where the device is, where it’s been, and where necessary, track future movements.

IM’s & Chat Logs

We can extract data from popular messaging platforms like skype, whatsapp, iMessenger, facebook and many more.

Cloud Data

We can access data from popular cloud service providers like dropbox and google drive. With this info we can find automated backups and files the user has stored on the cloud.

Texts & Phone Records

We can extract and continue to record text messages and phone call records on iOS, Android, Blackberry and other smartphones. We can even setup call recording to discreetly monitor voice communication.

How It Works

Call us

One of our forensic investigators will discuss your current situation, why you need forensic services, how soon you need these services performed, and what you can expect to see once our investigation is complete.

Collect Assets

We will need access to specific devices. In some circumstances we only need access to your network. Once assets are in place the investigation can start. We offer both emergency and onsite service.

Investigation Starts

We will perform our investigation under a defined time frame ensuring that data is preserved. We will analyze and parse available data so that our reporting only displays what is relevant to the investigation.


Once the investigation is complete, the final step is to provide a detailed report of our findings. This report will outline all data we were able to find and talk about if their is any data that is still not obtainable. These reports will contain actionable insight into the daily tasks, both good and bad, being performed by your employee or subject of interest.

We are here to answer your questions and find concrete evidence.

Do you believe an employee has broken company policy?

Were trade secrets leaked?

Was illegal content downloaded on a company machine or on the business network?

Do you believe your clients personal data may have been leaked?

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Data Lab will strive to provide ethical, reliable and timley data recovery while maintaing our fair pricing. We hope you leave us knowing that your data was in the best possible hands.

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