USB Data Recovery

Data Lab can recover data from all types of USB drive failure. USB storage is prone to multiple types of failures due to their mobility and repeated use USB devices can suffer from physical damage to the USB connector or the printed circuit board and attached components. USB storage is also known to fail internally due to their poor manufacturing quality. Most vendors use sub par components in these inexpensive storage options. Data Lab has a highly advanced set of hardware and other tools built to work directly with the NAND chip that contains the data bypassing other components. Performing this work often involves digital reconstruction of the data due the proprietary technology implemented by vendors. Data Lab is able to recover data from even the most severely damaged USB devices.

We solve all types of USB failures

Broken / Loose Connector

Cracked / Chipped USB Drives

Non Responsive USB Drives

Slow USB Drives

Water / Fire Damaged USB Drives

Corrupted Data

Encrypted USB Drives

Formatted USB Drives

Firmware Damage

Overheating USB Drives

USB Drives Non Recoverable by other Labs

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Data Loss can be stressful. We understand and are here to help, give us a call and speak one of our technicians that can best guide you on how to proceed. Our team is always happy to help answer any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does USB Drive Data Recovery Cost?

Data Recovery pricing can vary and is dependent on factors such as the model, its age, size and type of failure experienced. The good news is that our recovery prices are no data - no fee, this means that you only pay if you are satisfied with the results. Upon receiving your storage device one of our recovery technicians will perform a diagnosis and you will receive an estimate outlining the work that is required and any associated costs. See our full pricing here

Will you be able to recover data from my USB Drive?

In most scenarios complete or partial data recovery is possible from USB drives. The chances of a successful outcome are dependent on factors such as the type of failure, the amount of data, the brand / model and its age. While some rare cases of USB drives are unrecoverable our advanced tools, expertise and experience allows us to achieve the highest success rates.

Why did my USB Drive quit working?

USB drives are prone to multiple types of failures. This can be from repeated use over time that can create issues such as loose or broken components, electrical faults such as a short circuit or power surge and even firmware or internal faults due to failed or overheating chips. Due to the low cost of USB storage many manufactures use low quality or poorly made components that fail over time. All these faults can be the cause of your failed USB drive. Data Lab can quickly and safely identify what fault your USB media is suffering from and the best possible path to data recovery.

Can I Recover Data from my USB Drive myself

There are many companies offering some form of data recovery software online, others may read some "do-it-yourself" tricks online like "stick it in the freezer" or "give it a bump on your desk". We highly advise anyone that values their data to not attempt the methods above. The simple fact is that unless you are experienced you can and often will make the situation worse. We advise anyone who has a failed storage device to turn off power and bring it to Data Lab for a free diagnosis.

Trust Your Data with The Best

Starting in 2014 Data Lab has quickly grown to be the number one lab in Western Canada. Our small team is highly knowledgeable on all forms of digital storage and we consistently acheive the highest success rates. Any recovery attempts by possibly inexpeirenced engineers can cause many complications and possibly irreverible data loss. Our credentials, facilities and knowledge allow us to provide every data recovery case the best chance at a successfull outcome.

Data Lab based in Edmonton Alberta is Western Canada's top choice for Data Recovery Services from all storage devices. Data Lab boasts a 5 star rating with over 200 Google reviews. When the data matters most, trust Data Lab.


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